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Cutting Expenses Could Be Difficult but Not Impossible


Frugality is not what I like but at the same time, I am not fond of going on spending spree. However, that attitude has earned me no fame. My friends and even relatives don’t think very highly of me, labeling me a miser. I don’t mind that and strongly believe that my spending pattern will help me a worry-free financial ...

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How To Embrace A Financially Healthy Life

Financially Healthy Life

Leading a financially healthy life is every common man’s dream. This is something that everyone wants. But not everyone is blessed to have such a comfortable life. You have to smart about your choices, good in planning and always pave the way for saving to embrace a financially trouble-free life. But the important question that comes into our minds is ...

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How to Avoid the Withdrawal Penalty from Your IRA?

IRA plans can become the reliable source of income in your old age. It is very important to consider such plans when you are planning for your retirement. Many have rightly chosen this plan to help them in their future in the form of a savings plan. But sometimes situation drives us to need money in emergencies. You cannot withdraw ...

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EU Bank Watchdog to Shun Bitcoins Until New Rules Apply

European Commission announced rules will be imposed on virtual currencies like Bitcoin. The Bloc’s banking watchdog on Friday said European Union banks should wait for the regulatory safeguards to be in the place and then offer customer accounts in virtual currencies. Virtual currencies are different from regular currencies. They are not backed by a central bank or by a government. ...

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Top 20 Finance Blogs to Follow

Finance blogs are read by thousands of readers. Those blogs deliver finance related insights. The topics of finance blogs can range from banking to personal finance, from penny stock to merger and acquisitions. If you’re an investor, finance blogs are a must read for you. We have picked 20 best finance blogs. You can see the list below; Motley Fool ...

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Significance of Mutual Funds as Profitable Investment Option

Starting from its conceptual incubation mutual funds have promised to bring noteworthy monetary gains to the investors. The procedural simplicity associated makes mutual funds a lucrative investment proposition for different category of investors possessing variable financial capabilities.Mutual funds are unique because they deliver an income that qualifies for taxation after making payments for dividend and capital gains in yearly basis. ...

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