An introduction to Quantum from RL360°

Quantum from RL360°

An investment product from RL360°, Quantum offers a simple and effective way to save for the future. Giving you access to an impressive selection of funds, it is designed to be flexible and affordable, and it can help you to put money aside for anything from property improvements and children’s school fees to holidays. It can also be used to ...

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What are the most Common Property Investment Mistakes?

Are you confused when it comes to the better use of your money? Are you considering investing in a property? Everyone wants to invest in real estate with plain intention of getting profits at minimum risks. But not all properties are equal in terms of yielding profit. If you question any property dealer, he would never tell you about the ...

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FTSE 100 Listed British Company Kingfisher to Acquire Mr Bricolage

The largest home improvement retailer in Europe, Kingfisher has announced that it is in the process of acquiring French company Mr Bricolage which also operates in the home improvement retail industry. After this announcement, the share market saw Kingfisher’s shares to rise on Thursday. The acquisition would cost Kingfisher EUR 275 million. Kingfisher is currently having exclusive negotiation with the ...

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A Look at Best and Worst Rental Return Investment Markets

It is becoming difficult to pin down a market that could fetch high return on investment due to sluggish economy. Investors wonder whether they should invest in home buying and rental. It has been a lucrative investment option for last few years. But not any more. Soaring home price is the chief reason that acts as a deterrent. A property ...

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Current Boom of Tech Industry to Attract Investors

A look at the recent happenings in tech industry and we see two recent acquisitions in the recent time. One is the takeover of Oculus by Facebook and the other is the acquisition of WhatsApp by the same social networking giant. The first one cost Facebook $2 billion and the second one $19 billion. It’s quite interesting that tech giants ...

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US Fed Reserve cuts Stimulus by Another $10 bn

US Federal Reserve has announced that it would cut down the economic stimulus by $10 billion or 11 billion AUD. This is the third time when Federal Reserve reduced its bond buying program for a month. Analysts are expecting interest rate to go up as a result. What followed the decision of US Federal Reserve was AUD falling 1 US ...

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