Three Reasons Why Savvy Accounting Gives Business Owners More Control


Apart from accountants themselves, it’s fair to say that nobody starts up a business with dreams of being an excellent bookkeeper. Whatever your company is, you’ve set it up because it reflects your area of interest and skill. If your business sells books, for example, it’s quite understandable that you want to be an excellent provider of that service first ...

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Is Cash Carrying an Outdated Choice?

Do you really need to carry cash in this age of online banking, debit cards, credit cards and electronic fund transfer? Carrying cash is optional now as other alternatives have become more convenient a choice. According to a recent survey, 9% of Americans never carry cash at all. Majority of the rest 91% carry less than $50 and almost half ...

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The UK’s Housing Bubble Risk: How It Affects You

The past few months have seen news story after news story about the possibility that the United Kingdom’s housing market is in a bubble that is about to burst. Without a doubt, it has cause worries and apprehension. But to the everyday person, it may not be clear how the changes to the housing market may affect them. Just recently, ...

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US Retail Sales Increased in August Due to High Consumer Sentiment Index

Retail sales in US rose 0.6% in August. It was the highest in last four months. The surge, combined with previous readings is regarded as an indicator of growth in this quarter. Economists from the Wall Street Journal have earlier predicted 0.7% increase in retail sales in August. If auto sales are excluded, the surge was 0.5% in August. Total ...

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A+E Networks to Purchase Minority Stake of Vice Media for $250 Million

A deal is about to take place between A+E Networks and Vice Media Inc. The former will buy the 10% of the latter’s stake for a sum of $250 million. People with knowledge of this matter said the acquisition would value Vice Media at $2.5 billion. A+E Networks is a TV programming company. It is owned by Walt Disney Co ...

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eBay-PayPal Split Off Rumour Caused eBay Stocks to Increase 7%

eBay may sell off PayPal. Nothing is confirmed at this moment but there is a strong speculation and eBay shares have gone up 7% after a report that eBay told some PayPal job candidates the company might be spun off. There’s also rumors that billionaire Carl Icahn will supervise the separation and gain profit. The report says the payment arm ...

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