College Graduates

Tips for Landing Your First Job after College

First Job after College

When filling entry-level positions, financial organizations tend to consider the interns who are already working for them before seeking outside candidates. That means that the best time to start looking for your first job is while you’re still in college. Of course, not every internship comes with a job offer at the end, so here are some tips to help ...

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A Complete Guide to Student Debt

student loan debt facts

Student Debt is a form of debt, which is generally withdrawn for paying all the educational expenses. The rapidly rising tuition costs has made the students to take a shelter under the roof of Student Debt. Students also take a debt to meet all their needs other than their purpose of study. Reasons for Taking a Debt? Multiple reasons might ...

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Interesting Facts about Money That College Graduates Must Know for a Better Future

Money Tips for College Graduates

College life is all about attending classes, staying carefree, finding space for yourself, celebrating life with friends, hanging around, exploring freedom and so on. However, after that it is time for you to plan for the future, and know what money is all about. Some students are torn in between relative safety of college and the messy world of adulthood. ...

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