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Banks to Face Probe from Competition Watchdog on SME Lending

The Office of Fair Trading in UK released an update today, which showcases the review of banking for the SMEs. Experts believe, this decision may have some impact on the concurrent effort by the government to sell 33% of its stakes to private franchises. At the time of the Independent Commission on Banking, competition investigation was proposed. It was in ...

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Tax Planning for 2014 – Be Careful Every Step Of The Way

Experts will tell you that effective tax planning is vital to keep legal dues at a minimum level. Moreover, it maintains the strain of tax remuneration at a minimum level too. This works in a way that tax payers are free of overpriced fines that will return from incorrect computation or incomprehensible deadlines. Needless to say, things like this need ...

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How To Deal With Tax Penalties And Interests

If you have got unrecorded tax returns, the income tax office can charge you for the quantity of back taxes owed, with enough interest and penalties to exponentially increase your original bill. Taxpayers who are victims of bizarre circumstances often request for penalty abatement in search of tax relief. In several cases once a person requests for penalty abatement, the ...

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